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How many times have you wished the talk show host would say what YOU were thinking?  Well, your wish has come true! Tune in with Joelle & Tiffany as these “Murchison Girls” discuss love, careers, parenting, finances, marriage, spirituality and everything else…including the kitchen sink, and who left the dishes in it!

Sisters: Real Talk! is dedicated to empowering everyday women, especially women of color, through candid dialogue, real life experiences, information, honesty and faith.   The show is a culmination of our beliefs, our experiences, our differences, our dreams and our purpose.

Joelle and Tiffany are sisters who share the same father and the same passion for community.  The middle two of a mixture of ten siblings, these ladies have the determination, the poise, and the life lessons to make for great conversation, to address the controversial topics with compassion and to bring forth laughter and love while doing it.

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